Funding support to
the maritime industry
We support the career development of seafarers and organisational projects, through a variety of funding opportunities.

Financial support for unemployed seafarers

We provide individual grant funding support to eligible unemployed seafarers to update their skills and/or revalidate specific certification requirements to increase their employability potential.
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Funding is available to eligible unemployed seafarers undertaking updating training at approved MCA centres, leading to STCW 2010 certification. Payment is made direct to training centres with which the MEF has an MOU.

You can apply for financial support by downloading and completing the application form. Applicants are advised that there is a discretionary funding cap of £2,000 for any individual candidate.

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and projects

*Until further notice, this funding opportunity is unavailable*





Projects may include up to 50% for capital or infrastructure expenditure providing that the purpose is to enable new or enhanced maritime training.

Our aim is to support specific activities and projects each year to organisations that are committed to enhancing maritime, education and training skills in the UK.

You can apply for funding by downloading and completing the application form.
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Funding is available to eligible shipping companies (employers) who provide places for rating trainees on approved apprenticeship programmes.
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These are currently:

  • Able Seafarer (deck) apprenticeship (trailblazer)
  • Able Seafarer (engine room) apprenticeship
  • Maritime Caterer apprenticeship

A bursary of £4,000 per trainee can be claimed by the employer as follows:

  • £2,000 on confirmation of registration at an approved college onto the apprenticeship programme;
  • £2,000 on evidence of completion of training and achievement of the apprenticeship
You can apply for a bursary by downloading and completing the application form.
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